Clip can make your bike electric in seconds without tools, batteries included

The big picture: The 2024 e-bike market is valued at $34.98 billion and is projected to grow to $51 billion by 2029. With so many options for e-bike conversion kits, CLIP is vying for your attention with its portable, tool-less kit that will have you cruising in no time.

Some startups, like Swytch, have had a head start and are offering their third-generation conversion kits with increased range and a pocketable battery pack. With many competitors offering similar solutions, how does a newcomer stand out?

Clip is a startup out of New York that aims to provide a portable solution to upgrade any adult bike with 26″ – 28″ tires to an e-bike instantly. In comparison, Swytch’s latest conversion kit comes with four components that are to be installed on the bike, including a front motor wheel that replaces your existing wheel. Clip only requires two components for installation, and it does not require any tools or wheel swapping.

Clip’s innovation comes from enclosing the friction motor and battery into a single unit that literally ‘clips’ on the front wheel of your bike. The second piece is the Clip remote that attaches to your handlebars, which you will use to engage the motor or the regenerative braking.

The Clip comes in two flavors. The Commuter is $499 and gives you up to 4-6 miles of range with a 96 Wh battery. For $100 more, the Explorer doubles the battery and distance. Both versions have a top speed of 15 miles/hour (25 km/h), which is standard for e-bike kits. For air travelers, the Commuter looks to be a fantastic option as you can convert any bike to an e-bike anywhere in the world.

There are some trade-offs. First, the Clip has a paltry range compared to its competitors. Clip claims its target market is urban commuters with trips of 3 miles or less. For comparison, Swytch’s conversion kits offer 45-60 miles per charge, thanks to their more efficient design. Second, the Clip’s battery status cannot be monitored, whereas the Swytch Go kit includes an LCD screen.

The last issue is the price. Several competitors with similar pricing offer more range, albeit requiring more time to install. Currently, Swytch provides a hefty 50% discount ($799 MSRP) on their long-range Go kit if you pre-order and join their waitlist. Ultimately, you are paying for portability and convenience with Clip, which seems acceptable for its intended use.

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