Go retro with the Nikon Zf full-frame camera – down to its lowest Aussie price

Retro-style cameras are having a hay day, with Nikon following in Fujifilm’s footsteps by offering not one, but two cameras with some old-school oomph. One of these cameras – the mirrorless marvel that is the Nikon Zf – has just dropped to what we think is the lowest Aussie price yet.

Thanks to eBay’s EOFY sale, you can pick up the Nikon Zf body for just AU$2,791.20 or snap up a single-lens kit that bundles the SE 40mm f/2 lens for a mere AU$3,191.20

Given the body alone retails for AU$3,499 at full price, either of these options are an absolute steal, but you will need to use the checkout code DIGIMAY on eBay to get these prices. You will also need to be real quick as stock is limited. The good news, though, is you have the choice of a few colourways if black isn’t quite your style.

If you’re reading this, there’s no doubt you already know that the Nikon Zf is a stunning camera, packed with incredible specs for the money you put down, even at full price. 

Our Nikon Zf review awarded it an extremely impressive 4.5 stars out of five, praising not just its superb retro design that evokes memories of the iconic Nikon FM2, but its stabilisation, autofocus and overall build quality. Aesthetics aside, it’s a superbly powerful hybrid camera and the perfect choice for those who don’t want to wait months to secure a Fujifilm X100VI.

Crafted from precision-carved aluminium, the dials for shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation boast engraved markings, facilitating precise manual control. With a satisfyingly audible click, the mechanical shutter adds to the tangible experience.

Beyond its retro-inspired controls, the Zf extends its intuitive design ethos to its electronic viewfinder, which is housed in a prism-shaped casing that gives it that quintessential retro charm. 

The 3.2-inch rear touchscreen allows users to manipulate focus points, select tracking subjects, and switch between display modes effortlessly, all while maintaining eye contact with the viewfinder. Moreover, the rear screen’s full articulation, helps you get shots at various angles.

We can attest to the fact the 40mm f/2 prime lens bundled with the body – which is the deal we think offers most value – is an excellent piece of glass. It might be a budget option, but it got a decent 4 stars in our Nikon Z 40mm f/2 review. We said it was light, sharp and a great everyday lens – making it a great first prime lens if you don’t already have one.

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