New iOS 18 rumors predict the 5 most useful AI features that could hit your iPhone soon

We’ve known for a while that iOS 18 would bring with it lots and lots of AI upgrades, but as WWDC 2024 gets closer – where Apple will officially unveil iOS 18, on June 10 – the leaks and rumors are continuing to arrive at a steady pace.

Here we’ve listed five of the most recent tidbits that we’ve heard from various sources, and ranked them in order of how excited we are to test them out. These have all emerged in the last few days and weeks – and no doubt we’ll hear more before June 10 rolls around.

1. Smarter Siri

iOS images

Numerous iOS apps could be in line for some extra AI (Image credit: Apple)

It’s common knowledge that Siri could use an upgrade, and sources speaking to AppleInsider say it’ll have a better understanding of context and what it’s talking about, covering “people and companies, calendar events, locations, dates, and much more”.

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