Obscure startup unveils record-breaking LED display that would be perfect for the next Apple Vision Pro — Q-Pixel delivers highest resolution color display, squeezing a whole 4K screen into something barely bigger than a thumbnail

Startup Q-Pixel has created its own core polychromatic RGB microLED technology to replace the century-old monochromatic LED, and solve several key issues with the decade-old microLED display technology.

The Silicon Catalyst Portfolio Company has developed what is described as the “highest resolution, active-matrix color display” in the world, packing in a stunning 6800 pixels per inch (PPI). While most advanced VR displays use micro-organic LEDs (micro-OLEDs), Q-Pixel’s displays consist entirely of III-V compound microLED pixels synthesized from inorganic materials, which the company says were grown “across a single compound semiconductor wafer, without any use of sub-pixels, quantum dots, color filters, polarizers, or mechanical stacking.”

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