The Apple Watch will now connect to a Dexcom glucose monitor in your arm

While Dexcom has long supported the Apple Watch with complications (aka widgets) for a watch face, it’s never supported a direct connection from the continuous glucose monitor to the watch itself. Instead, it was syncing with the iPhone to get the latest glucose levels and sending it to the watch.

That changes today for the Dexcom G7 in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. The G7 continuous glucose monitoring can now directly connect to the Apple Watch to let you see your glucose readings right on your wrist in real time, without delay. So, if you happen to be without your iPhone, you’ll still be able to see and monitor your blood sugar levels.

Dexcom G7 Direct to Apple Watch, iPhone, Sensor

(Image credit: Dexcom)

In the release for the update, Jake Leach, EVP and COO at Dexom, stated, “Direct to Apple Watch has been one of our most requested features” and further pushes the brand belief “that people with diabetes should be able to view their CGM data where and how they choose.”

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