The DJI Mini 4 Pro is our #1 drone and it’s 20% off right now

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is no lightweight… well, it is in terms of its actual weight, tipping the scales at just 249g, but it sure punches well above that. We like it so much that it’s our pick for the best drone overall.

Borrowing advanced flight and safety features from bigger and more expensive drones like the DJI Mavic 3 and DJI Air 3 along with some camera functionality, the Mini 4 Pro is practically a professional quadcopter that captures some truly amazing aerial shots.

Small things can’t always come in cheap packages, and with the Mini 4 Pro and its accompanying RC-N2 controller retailing for AU$1,119 in Australia, that’s certainly the case here. However, this year’s EOFY sales are bringing some serious discounts that are too tantalising to miss, particularly on eBay.

Right now, if you use the code MCITI20 on Mobileciti’s eBay store, you’ll get 20% off the DJI Mini 4 Pro with the RC-N2 controller. If you happen to be an eBay Plus member, you can use the checkout code MCITI25 to score an even bigger discount of 25% off the listed price! While eBay hasn’t listed an end date for this offer, we don’t think you should dawdle if you’re after a great little drone, as stocks might disappear quickly at this price.

While the Mini 4 Pro isn’t radically different from the DJI Mini 3 Pro, it’s an excellent choice if you’re either investing in your first drone or upgrading from a different model.

We thought it was ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts alike in our DJI Mini 4 Pro review, and thought the software improvements it brings over its predecessor makes it quite formidable.

It’s most standout feature is arguably Omnidirectional Vision Sensing, or 360º obstacle avoidance if you want to cut through the jargon. It achieves this by using fisheye sensors and downward binocular vision sensors placed all around the body, plus there’s a 3D time of flight (ToF) sensor that enhances flight safety during tricky environmental conditions. That’s not to say small drones are stable in windy conditions, but the DJI Mini 4 Pro makes the most of a bad situation and expects its pilot to be aware of the ambient conditions too.

The same sensors also give the Mini 4 Pro an ActiveTrack 360° feature, which is more reliable from a safety point of view and more effective than ActiveTrack on the Mini 3 Pro. Another additional feature here that uses the same sensors is Advanced Return To Home, which uses obstacle avoidance to plot the most efficient route back to its take-off point.

Using the same 1/1.3-inch quad bayer sensor from the Mini 3 Pro, the Mini 4 Pro gets an additional Night Mode feature that optimises noise performance when shooting in low light.

There’s 4K shooting on board too, with up to 100fps for slo-mo clips, and 1080p resolution video can be captured at up to 200fps. There’s more colour profile support, including Normal, HLG and D-Log M, with the latter inherited from the Mavic 3. You can also control the sharpness and noise reduction when capturing video, which is a handy feature for more advanced users aiming for more cinematic-looking footage.

Like we said – a powerful yet small package that now comes with up to 25% off on eBay.

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