Exclusive: OnePlus Watch 2’s mammoth battery life is based on a “substantial chipset innovation”, says CEO


While we already know the OnePlus Watch 2 is coming very soon (in fact, it’s due to be announced in full on February 26 at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, or MWC) we’ve got some more details about the device itself, and it’s said to sport frankly incredible battery life, topping out at 100 hours in ‘smartwatch mode’. 

That alone would make it worthy of inclusion in our best smartwatches list, as battery life is still, in 2024, a real sticking point for smartwatches. While some stripped-back training tools like Garmin devices can last for weeks on end, most smartwatches from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Google prioritize function over longevity. The Google Pixel Watch 2 boasts an ‘all-day’ battery life of a measly 24 hours, while even the best Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, clocks in at 36 hours. 


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