How to Check Jazz Balance 2024 – (4 Easy Ways)

Jazz, the top telecommunication company in Pakistan, is renowned for offering excellent digital and mobile services. Jazz’s advanced system guarantees convenience and ensures that customers can access their services easily.

If you are a Jazz user and wish to check your remaining balance, there are several simple ways to do it. In this article, we will explore different methods with Jazz balance check code to help you check your balance effortlessly.

How to Check Jazz Balance 2024

You can check your Jazz balance using the following three simple methods:

1. Jazz Balance Check Code 2024:

To inquire about your balance, simply dial *111# from your mobile phone. This USSD code applies a charge of 0.24 Rs plus tax and is accessible to all Jazz prepaid users, irrespective of their package. Alternatively, you can dial *444*6*2# to check your Jazz balance.

2. Check Jazz Balance via Customer Service

By dialing the helpline number 111, you can listen to an automated voice message revealing your remaining balance. The cost for this service is 0.72 Rs.

3. Checking Jazz Balance via Jazz World App:

Jazz introduces the Jazz World App exclusively for smartphone users, offering a range of services, including balance checking.

Download Jazz World app from the App Store, available for both Android and iOS devices.

After installation, enter your Jazz SIM number in the designated area and log in. Your balance will be displayed at the top of the home screen.

4. Check Jazz Balance Through WhatsApp Customer Self Service

Jazz extends its services by providing a self-service option to check your balance and access information regarding different packages. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Save the WhatsApp self-service number (03003008000) in your mobile phone contacts.
  2. Open WhatsApp and initiate a chat by sending ‘Hi‘ to the self-service number.
  3. Once you have initiated the chat, send the letter ‘4‘ to the self-service number.
  4. Shortly after, you will receive a response displaying your Jazz balance.

With this convenient self-service method, staying updated on your Jazz balance has never been easier. Save the number, start the chat, and receive instant information at your fingertips.

mobilink Jazz Postpaid Balance Check Code

To check your postpaid balance with Jazz, you can use the same balance check codes as for prepaid users. Simply dial *111# on the Dialpad, and your request will be processed. An auto-generated message will then appear, revealing your remaining balance.

For postpaid users who prefer the convenience of WhatsApp self-service, the process remains unchanged. Send a message saying ‘Hi’ to the WhatsApp self-service number, and then follow up by sending the letter ‘4‘.

In case you wish to receive detailed information about your Jazz postpaid balance, you can dial 777. By doing so, you will be able to hear the specifics regarding your remaining balance

How do I check my mobile balance?

Dial the USSD code *111# on your phone’s dialpad and press the call button to check your mobile balance instantly.

Can postpaid users check their Jazz balance too?

Yes, postpaid users can check their Jazz balance. They can use the USSD code *111# or the WhatsApp self-service method by sending ‘Hi‘ to 03003008000 and then ‘4‘. They can also dial 777 to hear details about their Jazz postpaid balance.

What is the code for jazz balance?

Jazz balance check USSD code is *111# or *444*6*2#.

How much does it cost to check my Jazz balance?

Checking your Jazz balance using the USSD code *111# or *444*6*2# incurs a charge of 0.24 Rs plus tax. If you prefer customer service, dialing 111 will cost you 0.72 Rs.


Now you know the USSD codes to check your Jazz balance. Checking your Jazz balance is a simple and convenient process.

Whether you prefer using USSD codes, the Jazz World App, customer service helpline, or even WhatsApp self-service, Jazz provides multiple options for you to stay updated on your balance.

Take advantage of these methods and codes to manage your Jazz account effectively and enjoy uninterrupted services.

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