How To Get Daily EasyPaisa Minutes And Cashback

EasyPaisa gives you different options with different conditions. With a few easy steps, you can receive daily rewards like free minutes, cashback, and other resources for free.

We have described below all the legal tricks and steps that will 100% surely add a daily reward of either 30 or 50 minutes, or cashback to your EasyPaisa account.

What is the daily cashback reward of Easypaisa?

As a new customer, you are eligible for a daily cashback of Rs. 5 if your balance is less than Rs. 1000. If your balance is over Rs. 1000, an even higher cashback will be credited to your account.

How can I claim free minutes in Easypaisa?

Deposit Rs. 1000 in your EasyPaisa account and receive Rs. 200 cashback! That’s not all, maintain a balance of Rs. 1000 or more in your mobile account and get 50 FREE Telenor minutes every day.

Activate your EasyPaisa account by dialing *786# from your Telenor number. To participate in this offer, send a free SMS with MA to 422. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

The free minutes will be credited at midnight. This offer is valid for new customers and those who haven’t availed of it since July.

What is Easypaisa’s free minutes’ policy?

The free minutes will be valid for 24 hours. Customers will receive 50 minutes daily when they maintain a balance of Rs. 500 for 30 days from the date of account activation.

After 30 days, customers will receive 50 minutes and 50 megabytes (MBs) when they maintain Rs. 1,000 in their EasyPaisa account.

How can I get cash back by Easypaisa?

In general, the term “Daily Cash” refers to the cashback amount accumulated in your rewards account. Unlike other credit cards that provide cashback once a month when your credit card statement is generated, Daily Cash is accumulated daily as you earn it.

How To Get Daily EasyPaisa Minutes And Cashback

First of all, we have provided the complete details regarding the amount of cashback and daily minutes that will be added to the EasyPaisa account when maintaining or depositing money.

Users will receive cashback and minutes based on a balance of 1000 or 2000.

1000 Balance30 Minutes Daily
2000 Balance50 Minutes Daily
Deposit 1000Get 200 Cashback

To be eligible for the daily minutes in this app, you must fulfill the following conditions. Failure to meet any of these conditions will result in the cancellation of your eligibility for the daily reward:

  1. Maintain a balance of Rs. 1000 or Rs. 2000 in your account.
  2. The amount must remain in the account for consecutive hours.

In conclusion, EasyPaisa Cashback & Minutes offers a convenient and rewarding solution for your mobile transactions. By following the provided tricks and steps, you can enjoy daily cashback, free minutes, and other exciting benefits.

Whether you’re a new customer or maintaining a certain balance, EasyPaisa ensures that you receive added value and convenience.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your transactions more rewarding with EasyPaisa Cashback & Minutes.

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